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Room of Requirement || Fernando & Ronald


Smirking slightly, Fernando closed all personal space between the two and let his arm rest completely around Ronald’s shoulders. He had no idea why he found it so amusing to see someone look so uncomfortable but part of him wondered if being this close would help in getting the smaller boy to snap.

“But confrontation is so fun!”

He found it hard to believe someone could go their whole life without screaming at someone. Surely everything would just build up? Life must be incredibly boring for someone like Ronald. 

“C’mon. Tell me exactly what you think of me. Yell for all I care.” 

Blushing as the taller boy got even closer to him; Ronald froze, feeling even more uncomfortable than he did before. It was as if Fernando was doing this only to make him angry or something. He wasn’t angry, though; only deeply troubled.

“Confrontation is far from being fun. It usually leads to someone getting hurt, and getting hurt is never fun.”

He frowned as he tried to think about what he thought about the other boy. What did he think about him? He really had no idea… They had never really talked before today and Ronald wasn’t one to believe in rumors. Even if those rumors seemed true.

“I don’t know… I’ve never really talked to you before. You’re a little bit mean, but yeah… Now, could you please get off of me?”

Room of Requirement || Fernando & Ronald


Furrowing his brow slightly, Fernando skimmed his eyes over the smaller boy. He really was kind of pathetic. An apology hadn’t been at all necessary. No one ever apologized to him. Saying you’re sorry is like admitting you’re wrong - something Fernando hated having to do. Not to mention the fact that he had been insulting Ronald all evening. Anyone else would’ve gotten a lot more pissed off. Ronald’s comment had been insulting but admittedly, not entirely un-called for. Not that Fernando would ever admit that out loud. 

“Just as I thought you might be showing some balls you go and apologize. Honestly Ronald, do you ever stick up for yourself.”

Moving closer he rested his arm on the back of the sofa behind Ronald’s head putting their faces close together. Pushing the boundaries of peoples personal space was a slight hobby of his. He always found it amusing to see how uncomfortable he make someone. 

“Or do you constantly let people walk all over you?”

Ronald started fidgeting as Fernando put his face close to his. He wasn’t used to being so close to someone else, and it was something that made him feel extremely uneasy. He wished that it didn’t bother him that much, but it always made him feel really weird. He tried to get away from the taller boy, but didn’t manage to succeed as he was already on one of the extremities of the sofa. Blushing, he looked down at his lap, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

“I don’t- I don’t let people walk all over me; I just don’t like confrontations, that’s all…”

It was true. There was nothing that Ronald hated more than confrontations. Confrontations never brought up good things, and always managed to make people either angry or sad. It just wasn’t worth it. Being mad was one of the things that he disliked most, and he would always try to do as much as he could to keep it from happening. Even if it meant apologizing when it wasn’t needed.

Room of Requirement || Fernando & Ronald


Fernando tilted his head in disgust, glaring at the other boy. When he spoke there was a slight venom to his words.

“I’m not totally sadistic you know? I don’t enjoy seeing innocent people die. There’s a line as to how far the pain of others can be enjoyable. And don’t try tell me that it should never be enjoyable because, lets face it, whenever you’re at your happiest its at the expense of someone else.”

Making his way back to the sofa where Ronald sat Fernando settled down, ready to brood for a while over this time travelling business. At least Shakespeare would be interesting. He loved most of his plays. Romeo and Juliette was a load of crap, but the rest are pretty good. Still, he couldn’t help but feel slightly offended at Ronald’s words - something which very rarely happened to him.

Sinking back into the sofa he let his mind race over the possibilities, deciding that maybe he would let Ronald study. Running his hand over his cross he felt his head fall to the side. His mood swings seemed particularly bad today. 

Ronald looked down as he heard some kind of venom lace the taller boy’s words. He didn’t mean to say what he just said. It was just that the other boy seemed to frustrate him so much. He had no idea why, though. Before today, he had never talked to him. Still, it felt as if he already didn’t get along with the Slytherin boy. This never happened to Ronald before. He was always quite nice to people, and most people didn’t dislike him, although none of them ever really took the time to talkto him. In fact, Fernando was the first person he had spoken to in quite a while. And, of course, he had managed to insult him. He looked up at the taller boy, scared to meet his eyes, but determined to apologize.

"I- I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way… I didn’t meant to say that you would like to see people suffer. I just… I’m sorry.”

He leaned back into the sofa, feeling kind of weird for apologizing to the other boy. Fernando had insulted him non-stop since they bumped into the corridor, and he hadn’t even apologized… Why did he apologize?

Room of Requirement || Fernando & Ronald


Fernando could feel his face visibly fall and didn’t really have the energy to keep it positive.

“That is boring. Really boring. In fact, it’s not just boring, it takes the entire element of surprise out of your life.”

Using Ronald’s legs to push himself up he began his pacing again, wondering if he could convince the smaller boy to chose something a bit more fun. He didn’t fancy putting in all this work just to see an aged and most likely failed Ronald. Definitely not worth it.

“There’s another problem with that. I don’t think the future is really quite set in stone. It would be depressing if it was. Free will and all that jazz.”

Stopping his pacing he stared at Ronald for a moment. He had heard the guy was into sci-fi things like doctor who. Part of him was shocked he hadn’t jumped at the chance to see something terrifying or historic. 

“Is it even really possible to travel in time like that? Who knows? Okay, I’ll research. I’ll research and you think on whether or not that’s really how you’d like to spend your one trip in time. Because quite honestly, I expected more. God knows why. You are an idiot afterall.”

“Oh, shut up. You asked me and I answered, that’s all.”

And there it was again; “idiot”. Ronald hated that word with all of his being. Why did the taller boy have to repeat so often? He wasn’t an idiot, he was simply… not quite school smart. The fact that he wanted to see his future definitely didn’t make him less intelligent than Fernando. Although, if he was being honest with himself, there were some other things that interested him quite as much.

“Well… There may be other places where I’d like to go… I’d love to meet Shakespeare or Alexander the Great.”

He had always loved Shakespeare. Hamlet was his favourite play and one of the only things that he read almost constantly. In fact, he would probably go all “fangirl-ish” if he ever got the chance to meet Shakespeare. As for Alexander the Great, well… the man was one of the greatest heroes of all times and he was gay, so why not?

“Is this also too boring? Should I want to visit Auswitch or Hiroshima to make you happy?”

Room of Requirement || Fernando & Ronald


“Study…?” For a moment Fernando’s mind was completely blank as he tried to understand why Ronald would be so stupid as to bring studying up now, but then he remembered the original reason for him being here. “Oh yeah. Well study then.”

Moving quickly across the room he picked up the book and dropped it down next to the smaller boy, crouching down in front of him as he did so.

“But before you do, let me ask you Ronald; where or when would you want to time travel to?”

Locking eyes with the other boy he leaned as close so him as possible, genuinely interested in what he had to say. Time travel was something that was definitely fascinating. A way to learn things that weren’t just written in books, or to see people before they were who they are today. A way to understand why things evolved the way they did and why certain things had to happen. In all honesty, Ronald couldn’t have picked a funner task. 

“The beginning of the universe? The end? Or the past of a certain person perhaps? Anything. Anywhere.”

Ronald blinked as the other boy asked him where he would like to go through time travel. He hadn’t thought about that… Where and when did he want to go? He thought that Athens in Ancient Greece seemed quite interesting. Then again, a lot of things seemed interesting. He’d love to go to Versailles during Louis XVI’s reign, a little bit before the revolution.  Seeing World War II from closer was also something that interested him quite a lot. There was only one thing that he knew he didn’t want to see; the end of the world. He had seen Doctor Who, and it scared him about what was going to happen to this planet, he wasn’t strong enough to see it. Ronald frowned as he finally understood where and when he wanted to go the most. Fernando would probably mock him for it, but it was what made him the most curious. It was something that he couldn’t read about in books, something that he could never guess, something that he wanted to see before it happened…

“I- I guess that I’d like to see what happens to me in 20 years; but that’s really boring…”

He really wanted to know what would happen. Who he would be. If he would share his life with anyone. If he would be happy. If there were some things that he shouldn’t do or even think about…

Room of Requirement || Fernando & Ronald



Fernando clasped his hands together, sitting further up on the sofa. He loved a challenge. Something to sink his teeth into and keep him occupied for a while. It sure as hell beat thinking about school work or people.

“It’s a tricky one. Bet I can find a way to make it happen though. Give me a day. Maybe two. Or three.”

He felt like a child, practically giddy with excitement. There were a number of ways he could organise it. A time-turner would be simplest but the problem was how to get hold of it… Not coming from an influential family meant that he didn’t have many connections to get such things but maybe Edwin could help out… Not that relying on his supposed ‘best-friend’ ever led to anything good. Failing a time-turner there was always a pensive, but the only way was back and it would mean being limited to someones memory. 

“Okay, okay, I can totally do this!” 

Holding back from swooping the air he turned his full attention to Ronald and moved closer into the other boys personal space, taking the book from his hands. Chucking it across the room he propelled himself up and began to pace. There was definitely a way to do this. 

Ronald frowned slightly, wondering about the taller boys sudden mood change. He had thought that after saying that he wanted to travel through time, the other boy would have just made another slide remark and maybe ask him to leave once more. He was quite surprised when Fernando seemed really happy with his answer, apparently excited about it. Ronald always thought that time travel was something impossible, that it wasnt acceptable to dream of it past a certain age. But still, the other boy seemed to consider it as something that they could do Thinking a little bit more about it, he mentally slapped himself. Of course it was possible, they were wizards werent they? Why didnt he think about that? He had known he was a wizard for quite awhile, why couldnt he get used to the idea?

Ronald blinked as the other boy took his book away from his lap and threw it across the room, apparently not caring about the fact that he had to study. Uh I kind of needed that to study… He reminded the boy, feeling a little bit troubled as Fernando, who was looking quite determined on finding a way to travel through time, paced in front of him.

Room of Requirement || Fernando & Ronald


Fernando turned slightly, eyeing Ronald. If anything, the smaller boy had just made him even more confused. He didn’t understand how other peoples brains worked, or why they didn’t think the same way as him. No part of him would ever be able to be at ease having a 9-5 job or a steady income for himself. Where was the fun in that? As long as there was someone in the household bringing in the money then he could actually enjoy his life. And if there wasn’t, he might as well do a job he enjoyed and was only temporary. Something a little different.

“You know what your problem is Ronald? Your hooked on that concept. Simple. Why on earth would you want things to be simple?”

Making his way over the other boy he slumped down on the sofa next to him, looking up into his face. His mood seemed to have died down slightly, and he now found himself calmer. Maybe more tired. He hadn’t sleep in a while. 

“You could at least try to liven it up a little. Just pick one thing you’ve always wanted to do, and we’ll do it. An interesting thing. And, for Christs sake, don’t think about what’ll happen after.”

"Simple can make things fun. Working can be simple. Working leads to money. Money leads to fun stuff. Fun stuff leads to happiness. All of that, without having to rely on someone."

He blinked as the other boy sat beside him on the sofa, not being completely comfortable with having someone sitting so close to him. Ronald had never really liked human contact and proximity. He had always kept a distance between himself and others every time that he got the chance to. He even often took long detours to get to one place so that he wouldn’t have to be close to too many people. The only time that he was okay with being close to others was when he wasn’t sober. Unfortunately, he was quite sober at that moment and felt really uncomfortable sitting so close to Fernando on the sofa. He shuffled a little, trying to get farther away from the Slytherin, blushing a bit because of his uneasiness. He looked at the other boy, who seemed much calmer, as he asked him a question.

"What do you mean, what I’ve always wanted to do? I guess that I’ve always kind of wanted to time travel, but I don’t think that that’s relevant…"

Room of Requirement || Fernando & Ronald


“I don’t plan on ever getting a job, Ronald.”

Pushing himself off the sofa Fernando smiled at the other boys little outburst. He liked this kid. In a strange, dim kind of way. Very few people tried to put him in his place so it was amusing when some people tried. Making his way over to one of the piles of books he rummaged through it, hoping to find something of interest. When nothing caught his eye he instead reached into his pocket instead, pulling out a small glass rememberall. He had managed to steal it from some third year earlier that day and as he held it in his hand it remained a cool, cloudy white. 

“Interesting things,” he began to throw the rememberall in the air and catch it in his hand, “are always worth the repercussions.”

Taking his hand back as far as it would go he threw the rememberall at the wall in front of him, smiling widely as it smashed and scattered on the floor. It felt good to break something. Almost like a part of himself was getting some kind of release. 

“Aren’t you ever sick of it Ronald? Sick of Hogwarts? Sick of being surrounded by people who, quite frankly, don’t give two shits about you? Wouldn’t you so much prefer to be out there, just living?”

Ronald frowned as the other male told him that he didn’t plan on getting a job. How could one not want to have a job? How was someone supposed to survive in this world without a job? Sure, you could rely on other people, but didn’t that make life a bit boring?

"So… You want to be dependent of others? Why? Wouldn’t it be simpler to simply get a job?"

He watched as Fernando went through the things around the room. The boy was quite intriguing, really. Although he seemed to be able to change moods really easily, which troubled Ronald a little bit. 

"Interesting things are not always worth the repercussions. They often just make life hell."

He flinched as the other boy threw a rememberall at a wall, the small glass ball shattering into pieces. Fernando looked kind of scary at that moment. As if destroying things made him kind of… happy? Ronald didn’t understand the other boy at all and was left in a space of total confusion.

"Sick is a strong word. I may be a bit bored and tired of it, but what can I do? It’s not like I can just leave or try to make school interesting out of sudden. And, to be honest, I don’t really give a shit if people here don’t care about me. It’s not like I’m going to keep in contact with them after school ends."

Room of Requirement || Fernando & Ronald


“But none of it matters!”

Fernando flopped back even further, throwing his arms over his head. He could never understand why people though that any of this would count for anything in a few years time. No one cared what happened in school. Life doesn’t start until graduation. Who needs exam results? As long as you have ambition and the basics you can do what you want.

“I just don’t get it. I don’t need to spend every spare minute studying. I don’t need good grades. I don’t need a tutor.”

He moved again, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees. Staring into Ronald’s face he wondered if it was even possible for the boy to pass his exams. Some Ravenclaw he made. Surely he should be in Hufflepuff, the house for people good at nothing. Tilting his head to the side he took in everything he could about the boy. He really wasn’t bad looking. Kind of cute. But definitely not Fernando’s usual type. Too young looking and dim. But fun to taunt.

“Don’t you ever want to do anything a little bit more interesting? It’s not like someone as dim as you can pass anyway.”

"It does matter. How do you think you’ll get a job if you fail everything? Saying that it doesn’t matter is utter bullshit and I’m pretty sure that you know it too."

He frowned as he looked at the other boy, wondering why he had suddenly decided to talk to him. He had often seen him in class, and the taller boy didn’t seem to think that anyone at this school was worthy of his time. Especially not him. Ronald wasn’t worth anyone’s time of course. Why would he be?

He watched the Slytherin as he looked at him, and wondered why he didn’t just let him study in peace if he thought that he was such an idiot. Ronald didn’t understand at all why people would insult others for fun. And if he was being honest with himself, he would have realized that Fernando’s words really hurt him a lot more than he thought they did. He frowned as the boy didn’t seem to stop insulting him.

"First of all, stop saying that I’m an idiot when you have never even talked to me. Second of all, of course I’d like to do more interesting things. Unfortunately, interesting things are what brought me to the point where I have to study for stupid little useless tests. Finally; just, please, stop talking to me if it’s only to insult me.”

Room of Requirement || Fernando & Ronald


Frowning slightly, Fernando kept his gaze locked on the cross. As if he should be the one to leave. He got here first and he had better reason to be here. It’s not like Ronald’s studying is going to help him anyway.

Vaguely, he could hear the smaller boys footsteps and held his breath while he settled down. It was very quiet and the slight ruffling of papers gave little release from that. Fernando hated this kind of silence. It’s not real silence because there’s just so obviously someone else there. Someone that makes things just plain uncomfortable. 

He began to fidget restlessly, anxious to move about. Everything felt so dammed awkward with the idiot in the room. Swinging his legs round he sat back into the sofa and scowled across the room, sending his best ‘get out of my hair’ vibes. Subconsciously, his hands still played around the cross, enjoying the cool temperature.

“Why do you even bother with that shit?”

Sitting on the sofa, Ronald tried to understand what was written in the humongous book sitting on his lap. He had been stuck at the same page for quite a while, not understanding the basic concept of what he was supposed to study. He would have liked to be able to only read it once and understand, but this was unfortunately not one of the talents that he possessed. He would have like to be able to ask for help, but he didn’t want other people to think he was stupid. Ravenclaw pride, he supposed… Although, he was definitely the worst ravenclaw student there probably ever was.

He shuffled a bit, he crossed his legs and sat a little straighter, trying to concentrate on his book. It was quite hard really, with the general awkwardness in the room. He continued to stare at his book, glaring at the words, hoping that some revelation would just come to him. He wished he had it as easy at the other students. The students who didn’t need to study for such a little test. Students that he envied oh so much. He looked up from his page as Fernando said something to him.

"Why do I bother with studying? Well… Mostly because I want to pass tests and not fail my year, I guess…"